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A Brief History of The Roman-Barnes Society         
While the involvement of African Americans in the practice of ophthalmology is relatively recent, people of color have been closely associated with the eye since prehistoric times.  Few African Americans could afford the European alternative(of studying ophthalmology), but one who journeyed abroad was Charles Victor Roman.
A competent physician and teacher, Roman was also an erudite historian and philosopher.  A prolific writer who authored several books, his most popular title, Meharry Medical College: A History, was published in 1934.  He was the fifth president (1904-1905) of the National Medical Association (NMA), founded in Atlanta 1895.
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              It is in keeping with the spirit of excellence that the Roman-Barnes Society strives to maintain those standards as set forth by Dr. Charles Victor Roman and the founders of the Roman-Barnes Society"
-Excerpts from Axel C. Hansen, M.D.
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