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The Roman-Barnes Society of Ophthalmology, founded in 1968, is a professional membership-based organization of African American physicians specializing in diseases of the eye.  This organization is a relatively young voice among the more established groups who speak for this particular section of the medical profession.  Many members of the Roman-Barnes Society are also members of the National Medical Association and are recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions to this specialized area of medical practice.
It is with keeping with the spirit and standards of excellence as set forth by Dr. Charles Victor Roman, Dr. William H. Barnes and the founders that the current leadership acknowledges the need to position the organization such that it is regarded as a credible resource for information among thought leaders.
In 2001, The Roman-Barnes Society revised its objective for the annual meeting to enhance opportunities for members to actively participate in addressing the state of eye health for at-risk populations, especially Americans of African descent.  In addition, 2001 marked the beginning of recognition of members who have made significant contributions to the practice of Ophthalmology setting a precedent for a magnificent award ceremony.
The Roman-Barnes Society Annual Meeting convenes each year in conjunction with the American Academy of Ophthalmology(AAO) Annual Meeting.

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