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2018: Chicago, IL - Union League Club of Chicago          
           October 29, 2018
           Keynote Speaker: Dr. Edward Hughes
           Honorees: Roman Barnes Founding Members

2017: New Orleans, LA - Nopsy Hotel
           November 13, 2017
           Keynote Speaker: Jeffrey Ballou
           Honoree: Dr. Cheryl Powell

2016: Chicago, IL - Union League Club of Chicago
           October 17, 2016
           Keynote Speaker: Terry Mason, MD
           Honoree: Keith D. Carter, MD

2015: Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Country Club
           November 16, 2015
           Keynote Speaker: Clifton L. Peay, MD 
           Honoree: Dr. Kenneth C. Westfield

2014: Chicago, IL - American College of Surgeons
          October 24, 2014
          Keynote Speaker: Dr. Wenwa Akinyi

2013: New Orleans, LA - Sheraton Hotel
           November 18, 2013
           Keynote Speakers: J. Veronica Biggins
                                          Frank L. Brown, MD
                                          Robert K. Warner

2012: Chicago, IL - The American College of Surgeons​
           November 12, 2012
           Keynote Speakers: Wilmer J. Leon, III, PhD.
                                          Gerald Horne, PhD.
           Honorees: Mildred M. G. Olivier, MD
                             Eydie Miller-Ellis, MD

2011: Orlando, FL - The Citrus Club
          October 24, 2011
          Keynote Speakers: Prof. Charles J. Ogletree, Jr.
          Humanitarian Lecturer Award: Prof. Charles J. Ogletree, Jr.
          Service Award: Robert K. Warner
          Community Service Award: Stephen M. Brooks, MD

2010: Chicago, IL - The American College of Surgeons
          October 18, 2010
          Keynote Speaker: David B. Hoyt, mD
          Achievement Award: Kevin Greenidge, MD
          Humanitarian Lecturer Award: David B. Hoyt, MD
          Community Service Award: James Bowman, MD

2009: San Francisco, CA - Hyatt at Fisherman's Wharf
          October 26, 2009
          Keynote Speaker: M. Roy Wilson, MD
          Achievement Award: M. Roy Wilson, MD
          Community Service Award: Leonard L. Weather, MD

2008: Atlanta, GA - The Commerce Club
          November 10, 2008
          Keynote Speaker: Jamal Simmons
          Humanitarian Service Award: Jettie M. Burnette, MD
                                                         Shelby R. Wiles, MD
          Community Spirit Award: Suzanne Malveaux

2007: New Orleans, LA - Plimsoll Club
          November 12, 2007
          Keynote Speaker: DeWayne Wickham
          Achievement Award: Jobie F. Crear, MD
          Community Service Award: Edward Helm, MD

2006: Las Vegas, NV - The Stirling Club
          November 13, 2006
          Keynote Speaker: Honorable Marc Morial, JD
          Award for Excellence in Ophthalmology: Lenworth N. Johnson, MD

2005: Chicago, IL - The Mid-America Club
          October 17, 2005
          Keynote Speaker: Attorney Robert J. Grey, Jr.
          Achievement Award: The John H. Johnson Family
          Community Service Award: Robert J. Grey, Jr.

2004: New Orleans, LA
          October 25, 2004
          Keynote Speaker: Donna Brazile
          Achievement Award: Kevin C. Greenidge, MD
          Community Service Award: Roger Martin

2003: Anaheim, CA
          November 17, 2003
          Keynote Speaker: Desi Williamson
          Achievement Award: Eve J. Higginbotham, MD 

2002: Orlando, FL
          October 21, 2002
          Keynote Speaker: Edward Hughes. MD
          Achievement Award: M. Roy Wilson, MD

2001: New Orleans, LA
          November 12, 2001
          Keynote Speaker: Paul A. Sieving, MD
          Achievement Award: Axel Hansen, MD

 "It's usually a risk, trusting another company with the reputation we have 
  worked so hard to earn. But in this case, there was never a doubt."
                                                      - Lijue Alvarez, The Alvarez Group